What to bring

  • 1 PC or laptop, including monitor, mouse and keyboard. We don’t enforce a maximum size for your monitor, but if it doesn’t fit on your desk or your neighbour complains, you will have to find a solution. We suggest nothing larger than 27 inch. (VIP’s will have a bigger desk and can use a larger monitor or even two monitors)
  • Headphones, as speakers are not allowed!
  • Power cables and plugs. We provide all the power you need, but we do not have an unlimited supply of plugs at Flanders Expo. We will be selling power strips, until stock is depleted.
  • UTP network cable. The days of offline gaming are over, so bring your own cable, so you can go online. We suggest 15m or longer. We will be selling cables, until stock is depleted.
  • Everything for a good night’s rest. If you are sleeping at the venue, don’t forget to bring a sleeping bag, an air mattress for 1 person (or 2, but only if 2 people are using it) and everything else you need to sleep well. We suggest leaving the white noise machine at home.
  • Personal hygiene supplies: Victory will have showers, so bring some soap, a towel, toothpaste and toothbrush, and some fresh clothes. You wouldn’t want to sit next to the sweaty, smelly guy, so don’t make someone else do it. Try to stay fresh and clean at Victory.
  • Victory Ticket. Most importantly, don’t forget your ticket!
  • Please update all your games and other software before you come to victory!
  • Chairs will be provided, but if you want to bring your own gaming chair, that is allowed. VIP ticket holders will have a gaming chair at their desk.

    You can also rent a chair via Speedseats, which will be available for you at Victory. You can find all information here

  • You can bring your own food and drinks, in moderation and for your use only. No prepared food please. A maximum amount of 15 cans or bottles. Food and drinks will also be sold at the venue.


  • Speakers! Please use your headphones.
  • Tents! Flanders Expo has a roof, you don’t need to bring an extra one
  • Air mattress for two people, unless there are actually two people on it.
  • Prepared food from outside the venue. If you want fries or pizza, you can get it at the venue.
  • Any form of pornographic material. Keep it clean, kids!
  • There is no smoking inside the venue. This includes vaping!
  • No fridge, coffee machine, microwave and so on. In case of doubt, contact the organisation. Staff will have final say on what appliances can and cannot be used at Victory.
  • Belgian law applies, so no form of piracy is allowed at Victory!