We know not everyone always has the best gear to bring to a LAN party and that is why we are offering you the chance to rent chairs and/or monitors. That way you will have the best setup possible for a full weekend of fun!


For the rental of gaming chairs we have partnered with Speedseats, who will offer the best chairs at the lowest prices. For just €30 you can rent a chair for the entire weekend. Have a little more cash to spend? Why not treat yourself to a deluxe experience.

You can find all available chairs and further details on the website of Speedseats.


Is your monitor to precious to haul to Victory (or is it just a piece of crap)? Then why not take a look at the website of E4G. They have a number of monitors available for you. Take your pick and complete your setup for Victory.

You can find all available monitors and further details on the website of E4G.