RIV4L LAN Tournaments

Victory is the last stop of the RIV4L LAN Tour and a conclusion to an amazing competition. For the fourth time this year, there will be a prize pool of € 10,000 up for grabs. Next to that, the overall standings will be concluded, offering up another € 5,000.

Spread across 4 popular stops, the teams will compete to accumulate points and become the RIV4L Lan Tour champions in one of four games: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Hearthstone and Rocket League (3v3). If you want more information on RIV4L LAN Tour or want to sign up for the competitions yourself or with a team, then take a look here.

Teams and players can compete in:

1st: €2,250

2nd: €1,350

3rd: €900

1st: €1,500

2nd: €900

3rd: €600

1st: €750

2nd: €450

3rd: €300

1st: €500

2nd: €300

3rd: €200

Our main competitions are the RIV4L LAN Tour competitions, but there will still be plenty to do for other people.

If you want to compete in other games, check out our other competitions. Don’t be fooled though. Your opponents will be fierce and victory will be hard fought.