Victory is a Lan Event that takes place at Flanders Expo Gent. LAN stands for Local Area Network, which means that all participants will be on the same network during the event. Participants bring their own UTP cables and plug these into one of the very fast switches Victory offers. That way they’ll be able to play lag-free gaming sessions with other people.

Yes, there is an internet connection all around the venue. Additionally there is a wireless network for your smartphone or tablet.

Yes, you can. The tickets will be sent to you through email. Your job is to distribute the tickets amongst your friends.

No, your ticket is personal and you cannot resell it.

Yes, parking is 10 euro, for one day or the whole weekend.

You can park on parkings PB and PC. We will also have an ‘unload & ride’ zone near hall 8, where you can park for a limited time to unload all your gear.

The opening hours of Victory are as followed:

Opening hours LANPARTY:
Friday 29 November 18:00
Till Sunday 1 December 18:00
Opening hours Challenge Zone:
Saturday 30 November 10:00 – 18:00
Sunday 1 December 10:00 – 17:00

Victory has a state of the art network. Flanders Expo Ghent is a perfect location for events like Victory. A big advantage is the ability to use the in-house power grid. This grid is more than enough for a LAN party as big as Victory. No more fuss with big power generators, diesel shortage or power dips.

Yes. Every table gets access to one power strip that is connected to the electricity. As this will not be enough to plug in all your devices (pc, monitor), you will need to bring your own power strip to plug in all your devices and then plug that power strip in to the one provided.

No, there is no minimum age for Victory. Visitors under 18 must have written permission from their parents.

Yes, bringing your own server with you to Victory is allowed, but it has to fit in your space.

15 meter is more than you ever are going to need.

No, you can’t. There are several reasons for this; the most important one being a lack of space and power usage.

If you have a LANparty ticket you are able to choose a seat at our seat map. The seats are clearly marked at the venue.

Several Competitions and Challenges are held during the event, in which you can participate with the right ticket. At the LANparty, it’s up to you which games you want to play.

Once the competition has been announced, you can find information on our Competitions page.

Yes, most competitions have prizes attached to them. All competitions are open for LAN Party Ticket holders. People with a ticket for the Challenge Zone can only take part in challenges in that Challenge Zone.

There’s enough to do for visitors of Victory:

  • LAN Party: a big LAN party where you can have fun and play games all you want. More info here
  • Challenge Zone: a unique concept, only at Victory, where you can win huge prizes by playing games. More info here
  • Esports: Victory is the last stop of the RIV4L College Tour. More info here

Indoor smoking is prohibited, this also includeds vaping. Outdoor smoking is allowed.

Victory will have a designated food court and an awesome Victory bar! Don’t know where to find them? Ask the staff on site or check out our floor plan.

We’re doing our absolute best to make sure nothing gets stolen. Unfortunately there are always people with different intentions than having fun, which is why it’s important that everyone keeps an eye on their own hardware. A good start is to order a lock to protect your monitor or laptop.

We will have toilets and showers at the event.

Yes, security will be active for 24/7 at the event. First-aiders are also present, in case anything happens.

Being quiet is obviously rule number one. Furthermore, other Victory visitors are not to be disturbed. For your safety it’s important to keep the paths clear. We strongly suggest you lay between your lines so nobody will trip over you while you sleep.

First of all: a good mood. Everything else you should bring, you can find here.

There are a number of things we would like you to leave at home. You can find it all here.

  1. Esports matches/tournaments are organised by 4ENTERTAINMENT, whose registered offices are in Belgium at Harmoniestraat 52, 2300 Turnhout and Duh-Events B.V., gevestigd aan Wilgenkade 2 3992LL Houten Nederland (referred to together hereinafter as ‘the Organisers’). These matches/tournaments are played via the RIV4L.be website in Belgian territory or via another medium as stated in the match/tournament. These rules apply to all matches/tournaments. Special terms and conditions for each match/tournament can be found at the tournament website (https://riv4l.lantour.be/en). If they vary from these rules, the special terms and conditions will prevail. The organisers may vary the present provisions and rules for a specific match/tournament at any time if the need to organise a match/tournament justifies this or if this benefits as many players as possible.
  2. In entering, entrants admit and agree expressly that they know the rules and accept them and waive any actions against the organisers including on the provisions of the present rules.
  3. The competition/tournament is open to all.
  4. To be eligible to take part, the conditions below must be met:

4.1 If a match is via the RIV4L website: entrants will only be eligible to take part if they have entered their names and e-mail addresses in the space provided for that purpose and answered the questions whether asked or not. Only one entrance form will be accepted per person. Anyone who answers more than once will be disqualified automatically unless the organisers decide otherwise and inform the entrants or announce this in any special terms and conditions before the match. Forms must reach the organisation by the date specified or before the check in bagins via the website above and via being registered officially. Anyone who uses multiple registrations (‘double accounts’) to enter more than one answer will also be disqualified.

4.2 If a match is via another medium: entrants will only be eligible to take part if they meet the conditions for the match concerned. The organisers will not be responsible if anyone gives an address which is not theirs, and this will lead to immediate disqualification. Entrants may not take part under different names for which they have powers of attorney or any other documents.

  1. Under no circumstances can the organisers be held liable for any loss of or damage to entries. All damaged, illegible or incomplete entries will be disqualified. Nor can they ever be held liable for any technical problems during the match/tournament.
  2. Prize winners acknowledge expressly that the organisers are merely responsible for presenting prizes, and cannot in any way be regarded as producing or providing services. If any travel is involved, they cannot be regarded as travel agents or organisers. In accepting prizes, winners admit expressly that they accept the general and special terms and conditions which apply to the prizes obtained and waive any claims of any kind including against the organisers on account of the prize. The organisers cannot accept any liability whatsoever for the technical characteristics of the prizes. The organisers cannot be held liable should their sponsors or suppliers fail to deliver prizes and will not be bound should suppliers fail to deliver prizes to furnish any other prizes, although the organisers may always be allowed to deliver a prize of equivalent value to the winner(s).
  3. Prizes won cannot be exchanged for any other products, services or money unless expressly provided. Winners must prove their identity when prizes are presented. The winner has one month from reporting their win in which to make themselves known and claim their prize. After that, the organisers may withdraw the prize and appoint another winner.
  4. The organisers can never be held liable in the event of force majeure or should certain match/tournament modalities have to be modified. The match/tournament organisers reserve the right to vary the campaign or its course should unforeseen circumstances or circumstances beyond their control justify this. They cannot be held liable should a match/tournament be interrupted, deferred or cancelled due to circumstances beyond their control. The organisers reserve the right to suspend a match/tournament due to force majeure at any time without being liable to pay any damages or amounts whatsoever. Force majeure will be deemed to include the organisers encountering problems with third parties or sponsors in implementing a match/tournament or presenting prizes.
  5. The match/tournament winner will be chosen according to the special terms and conditions, rules of the game and/or settings as the Organisers decide. If there is any doubt or discussion, the organisers may nominate the winner without being required to give any reasons for their decision, and their decision is final. Any match may, but need not be, held under a court bailiff’s supervision.
  6. Under no circumstances will the organisers reveal any details about a match/tournament or winners before, during or after the match/tournament unless the organisers decide to do so themselves, nor will they be bound to answer any correspondence or other communications which may not under any circumstances be regarded as accepting the contents of the communications received. This also means that the organisers will not be bound to announce or publish the winners’ identities.
  7. Winners will be notified by post, e-mail, telephone or at the offline event itself, whereby they will then be informed of the modalities involved in presenting the prizes and any other practical arrangements. Prizes must be collected from 4Entertainment offices during office hours unless the organisers decide otherwise. All winners must present a current passport/identity card and sign a declaration saying they were playing on their own behalf and are not pursuing any commercial interests in taking part in the match/tournament.
  8. Any protests or comments must be made in writing to 4ENTERTAINMENT bvba, Harmoniestraat 52, 2300 Turnhout, whereby we reserve all rights to formulate a reply letter and whereby any absence of reply may never be regarded as formal acceptance thereof on the part of the organisers.
  9. In the event of possible fraud or a clear attempt to influence the match/tournament unlawfully, the organisers reserve the right to exclude entrants from the match/ tournament and from all other and future matches/tournaments without notice. Acting under instructions and selling prizes won systematically will be regarded as contrary to the match/ tournament and its goals in particular.
  10. Entrants cannot derive any rights from any faults in the system or prize questions of both a technical and editorial nature.
  11. The parties will try to resolve any disputes amicably. If they cannot resolve them within a reasonable time, the Courts of Antwerp will have exclusive jurisdiction and Belgian law will apply exclusively.