What is the Challenge Zone?

The Challenge Zone is a completely unique concept at Victory and your chance to win big prizes. First of all, the Challenge Zone will be accessible to everyone who buys a ticket, whether it is a LAN Party Ticket or a Challenge Zone Ticket. Want to come and take a look, even though you do not want to participate in the LAN party itself? It is the place to be if you just want to have some fun playing games and still have a chance to go home with awesome prizes.

On Saturday and Sunday there will be a number of smaller challenges at the Challenge Zone, where anyone can participate. Not only everyone at the LAN party, but also everyone that has bought a ticket to the Challenge Zone.

Opening hours Challenge Zone:
Saturday 30 November 10:00 – 18:00
Sunday 1 December 10:00 – 17:00

Victory Flags

You can win Victory flags in these challenges and the better you perform, the more flags you get. There will be a wide range of games and types of challenges, so you will definitely find something you are good at. You are allowed to enter as many challenges as you want and try to hoard as many flags as you can.

What can you do with those flags?

Once you have some flags, you can trade them for a range of prizes. Give the flags, you get the prize. It is as simple as that.

However, if you want the biggest prizes, you have to plant your flag(s) at the prize you want and then you can start crossing your fingers. At the end of the day, one winner will be announced per prize. How do we decide the winner? We pick a flag and the owner of that flag wins!

There are no rules on the maximum number of flags you can use to enter a draw for a prize, but there will always be only one winner!

Will you take the risk or will you choose the safe way out?

Choose your ticket


603-day ticket for LAN
  • Table & chair
  • Power and internet access*
    Gigabit Network connection
  • Sleeping spot*
    In our sleeping hall (bring your own gear)
  • Access to competitions*
    Main and side compo's of the LAN party
  • Access to the Challenge Zone


953-day VIPticket for LAN
  • All normal LANPARTY ticket options
  • + Double the space*
    1.80m minimum
  • + Comfortable gaming chair
  • + 2x Breakfast*
    On Saturday & Sunday (2x pastry + 1x drink)
  • + Free mug*
    Unlimited coffee & tea included!


2005 players + 1 coach
  • TUP-access to B44-tournament
  • Access to the Sleeping Area
  • Access to the Challenge Zone
  • -
  • -


101-day visitor ticket
  • Access to the Challenge Zone
  • Visit the LAN party*
    not allowed to compete
  • Access to the esports stage
  • -
  • -


152-day visitor ticket
  • Access to the Challenge Zone
  • Visit the LAN party*
    not allowed to compete
  • Access to the esports stage
  • -
  • -