These games will be waiting for you:
Will you become victorious?

This is going to be an exciting match 1 versus 1 on PS4. You will be playing long range, every goal inside the box will count as one goal. But goals outside the box will count as two goals. The winner of the match receives 4 Victory flags.

In this challenge you play King of The Hill in 1 vs. 1 mode. You will be playing in the Aim Map. Winning the third match is not necessary but it’s an extra accomplishment. The player who plays 3 matches in a row receives 2 Victory Flags.

There will be an epic gunfight in 2 versus 2 mode. Every round counts 40 seconds. Draw? There will be 10 seconds overtime. Your team is the big winner if you win 6 rounds. The players of the winning team will get 2 Victory flags each.

In this challenge you play 20 levels in the 1 versus 1 mode. The first player who reaches the end of the levels, wins. But there’s a limit of 8 minutes. The winner receives 5 Victory flags.

6 people will be playing deathmatch on PC. The highest score wins and receives 2 Victory flags.

This challenge is a 3 versus 3 match on PS4. Every teamplayer of the winning team receives 1 Victory flag. It’s certainly worth it!

This challenge will be played in the 2 versus 2 mode. The winning team has the highest score. Every teamplayer gets 1 Victory flag.

Winning a deathmatch is the challenge! 4 people will be playing in splitscreen. The winner receives 2 Victory flags based on time.

5 players will each play a time trial of 5 km. Can you beat the recordtime? If so, you will get 1 Victory flag.

You will be playing a 1 versus 1 match. The first player who makes 10 kills is the winner. The winner receives 1 Victory flag.

Choose your ticket


603-day ticket for LAN
  • Table & chair
  • Power and internet access*
    Gigabit Network connection
  • Sleeping spot*
    In our sleeping hall (bring your own gear)
  • Access to competitions*
    Main and side compo's of the LAN party
  • Access to the Challenge Zone


953-day VIPticket for LAN
  • All normal LANPARTY ticket options
  • + Double the space*
    1.80m minimum
  • + Comfortable gaming chair
  • + 2x Breakfast*
    On Saturday & Sunday (2x pastry + 1x drink)
  • + Free mug*
    Unlimited coffee & tea included!


2005 players + 1 coach
  • TUP-access to B44-tournament
  • Access to the Sleeping Area
  • Access to the Challenge Zone
  • -
  • -


101-day visitor ticket
  • Access to the Challenge Zone
  • Visit the LAN party*
    not allowed to compete
  • Access to the esports stage
  • -
  • -


152-day visitor ticket
  • Access to the Challenge Zone
  • Visit the LAN party*
    not allowed to compete
  • Access to the esports stage
  • -
  • -